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Related post: Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 01:41:46 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Raunchy amateur models hairy Boy (Part 4)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and scat. Topics which some may find immoral, disgusting and offensive yet practiced among gay men. If you have a problem dealing with these topics or are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Raunchy Boy (Part 4) by Rin4youChapter 1As Alan and male model photography I let out a short gasp and riveted our attention to my Dad, standing teen model demonia in the doorway to my bedroom with the front of his jogging shorts yanked down under his little czech models low hanging balls, stroking his hefty piece of cock meat, we curled our lips back in a sheepish, lip smacking smile.Dad returned our appreciative smile with one of his own which betrayed the lust that was pent up within him. But it became obvious to me that Dad was going to bide his time with Alan and I. There was no sense of rushing anything. After all, we had the entire weekend ahead of us and from the look on Alan's face I knew he'd be more than willing to stay the whole weekend!"Now listen up, boys. This is just between us. Understand?"Dad looked intently at Alan and I, still on all fours on my bed. With my hands resting on Alan's creamy white asscheeks I nodded my understanding of what Dad was saying."Joel?""I understand, Dad.""Alan?""Yes sir, Uncle Josh. I understand clearly. Just between us.""Good!" Dad responded, giving his cock a few quick tugs. "Dinner in five minutes. Perhaps later on this evening, you boys will be up for some dessert!"Dad's smile turned into a seductive grin as he licked his lips and tucked his dick back in his shorts. Then he turned to head back downstairs but before doing so he bent over to tie a shoe lace that had become undone. 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"Although you seemed pretty packed up there already, Alan.""There's room for more, Joel!"We headed downstairs and between the three of us, wolfed down two large, thick crust pizzas fully loaded with double meat.Chapter 2"I've already spoken with your Dad, Alan, and he says it's okay for you to spend the weekend here with Joel and I. That is if you want to.""You know I do, Uncle Josh! But I didn't bring a change of clothes.""Who needs clothes, Alan?" I said, rather boldly, casting a quick glance towards Dad, who winked at me. "Besides, you know you can wear mine anyway.""Really, Uncle Josh?""I don't see why not, Alan. We're all men here.""Cool!" Alan said, giggling with delight. "I've never hung out naked before.""Just remember what I told you boys," Dad said. "Our understanding?""Yes hot russian model sir!" Alan and I chimed. 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I'm fuckin' rock hard right now!""So am I," I said, reaching over to wrap my fingers around Alan's cock which was jutting out adp models galleries from under his shorts."Yeah! Pull on my cock, Joel!"I stroked my best friend's cock, as I fumbled to release mine from my jeans, never once taking my eyes off of the television screen.Alan and I sat almost bikini teenmodel trancelike in front of the TV, each lost in our private, perverted thoughts which models childs seemed to be transforming itself realistically bikini black models upon the screen before us.Following my lead, Alan and I stripped off our clothes and sat back down on the floor leaning against the sofa, our hands gliding up and down our rigid boners."Finger your hole, Joel. I wanna smell your stink while I watch this."I reached down between my legs and fingered my moist asshole. Withdrawing my finger I raised it under Alan's youth girls modeling nose. He took a deep breath."Fuck yeah!" he sighed. "Fuckin' stink, man! Fuckin' dirty, stinkhole!""Fuckin' gettin' off on my stink while you're watchin' some super preeten models stud gettin' his shitty ass fisted, huh Alan?""Hell yeah! Fuckin' makes me wanna shit too!""Well let's do it then!" Dad's deep voice responded.Alan and I turned our heads from the television in the direction of the voice. In the flickering light of the TV nn model sets screen we could see my Dad standing in the doorway leading into the family room. The light cast its shadows in the clefts of Dad's muscular frame contouring each curve."Ready to get nasty, boys?""How nasty?" sandra naked model Alan said breathlessly, rising to his feet and walking slowly towards Dad."As fucking nasty and dirty as you want to get, Alan.""Shit!" Alan gasped."Oh yeah! Stinking shit! Want some man mud to play with, boys?"Likewise I rose. Stroking my throbbing cock I inched my way towards Dad. Alan was on his knees before Dad gazing hypnotically at his crotch which, as I got closer, could see was stuffing the pouch of a jockstrap filthier than Alan's."Smell it, Alan." Dad whispered. "Smell my fucking filthy pouch!"Alan brought his face to the pouch which strained to contain the hefty cock within it and took several deep whiffs."Smells like piss and shit, dosen't isabella model it?""Yes!" Alan sighed, pressing his face firmly into Dad's crotch and breathing deep."Yeah? You like smelling a man's stinking crotch? My fucking dirty jock pouch?""Yes, Uncle Josh! It's so stink. I love modelflats 391 orential models it!""Get your nose in here too, Joel. Smell my fucking manstink with your buddy!"I crashed to the floor beside Alan and buried my face into the reeking pouch alongside Alan's. models childrens The odor adpmodels was so powerful it was almost overwhelming. 9yo topless model The stink curled up my nostrils and sent my head reeling."Yeah fuckers! Smell my jock stink! That's supermodels nude pics you're fucking appetizer! I haven't washed this fucker in two years! young ranchi models Nice and ripe and juicy. This ukranian teen model is my cum rag. My asswipe, little dream models boys! It's even been soaked in my manpiss! Yeah! Smell it. Smell it! All of my slime is in this pouch, boys!"Curling his fingers through our hair, Dad pressed our faces more firmly into his foul smelling crotch plaza 66 model and began grinding the nasty pouch against our faces.I reached for Alan's cock. It was dripping pre-cum. It felt so warm, rigid and slick in my hand. Hearing Alan's gutteral moans and his raspy breaths added to my own deepening arousal. To be sharing this moment with the model aroson boy who was my best friend, a brother to me, sent tingles up and down my spine."Yeah! Fucking touch each other's cocks! Show me how you smell manstink and play with boy cock!"Alan took hold of my aching dick and together we stroked and sniffed. Sniffed and stroked."You boys want more manstink?""Yes!" we groaned."Follow me!"Dad uncurled his fingers from our hair and took a step boylove models back. Gazing down at us he grinned seductively."Bring the videotape for inspiration," he said,I quickly retrieved the tape nudist young model from the VCR. Together, Alan and I followed Dad up the stairs, russians model our eyes fixated on the ample mounds of webe megan model his hairy ass framed by his filthy jockstrap."Yeah! Keep your eyes on that ass, boys! You're gonna see alot of it tonight and then some!"I could feel my heart pounding with lustful anticipation. I could only wonder what Alan was feeling.Chapter gressy hot models 3Dad's bedroom was dimly lit. As Alan and I made our way towards the bed the sound of plastic crumpled beneath our feet. In the dim light we perceived that sheets of plastic had been laid out around the bed and towards the master bathroom. 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Slurping and sucking. Sucking and slurping."Now finger each other's shitholes! Show me who has the shittiest ass!"With lesbian asian models wild abandon did we quickly wet a finger. Reaching for one another's ass we slid our wet finger into the cleft and toyed with the moist hole we found. Alan moaned and gyrated his ass onto teen model aceboard my probing finger which slid easily up his butthole. In like manner Alan did the same to me.Alan's shithole was filled with his fudge as was mine. We churned our fingers in the sludge we felt. Warm. Gooey and pasty.We felt a weight upon the bed. Dad crawled on the bed beside us. I could smell his rancid jockstrap which only served to arouse me even more as I swallowed Alan's cock down my throat and dug my finger deep into his shitty hole."Fuck!" Alan gasped."Yeah! Dig for shit, boys! kds models Dig for that fucking stink you both want! Fucking turning me on watching you two have at it!"I could feel Alan's ass muscles relaxing as were mine. 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He held the shit coated digit up to face and stared wide eyed at nude model anastasia it before rubbing its filth under his nose.Dad leaned forward and sniffed modeling rape stories Alan's face."You fucking smell like shit, Alan!" Dad whispered, "You smell like Joel's shithole!""I love Joel's stink, Uncle Josh!""Yeah? You like your brother's shit?""Fuck yeah!" Alan moaned."Wanna eat out his nasty ass?""Yes! Please!""Joel!""Sir!" I gasped, releasing my models nude mpeg lip lock from Alan's cock."Get teen naomi model your dirty ass on his face!"I swung myself over Alan and positioned my asshole to within inches of his mouth. The stimulation that Alan's finger had given my hole and the desire to shiit made my hole quiver.Dad crouched down beside Alan's face."Smell his ass, Alan. Smell Joel's stink. Even I can smell it. Look at that dirty asshole, Alan. Brown nose that shithole!"I lowered my ass and fm models nonude felt Alan's nose against my gaping hole. russian childs model I could feel his warm breath and the models preten sound of his sniffing."Eat his ass, Alan! Eat the pig's shitty asshole!""Fuck! Fuck!" I gasped, as Alan's tongue lapped at my asslips."Yeah! Get Joel's shit taste in your mouth, boy!"Alan swirled his tongue in circular motions around the outer fringe of my shit tinged asshole before he jabbed his tongue as deeply as he could into my warm, rank cavity.I raised up and arched my back. My fingers slid out from Alan's filthy hole."Look, Dad!" I rasped, vlad models diana holding up my shitty fingers and grinding my ass on Alan's sex models jeans face."Fucking hot, son! Now rub that underwear model kid shit all over your asshole so Alan can taste his stinking shit!"I raised my ass up. bikinis models 2007 Reaching behind me I ran my shitty fingers up and down the crack of my ass. The raw stench of asshole wafted in the air."Ah erotic model 16yo fuck! Fuck!" Alan hollered. "Yeah! Smear that shit on your ass, Joel! Fuckin' smells good!"Without any prompting or encouragement from Dad I sat back down on Alan's face and felt him slurping greedily at my shitty desi models nude ass."Eat my dirty ass!" I yelled, as I grinded my butt over Alan's mouth. "Eat shit! free illegal models Eat shit!"I shot my hand up to my face and rubbed what indian sexy models shit there was left on my fingers all over my face, sucking into my teen model shaved lungs the rank, putrid aroma."Looking good, boys!" Dad hissed, as he stood up towering above us.Planting his feet squarely apart, Dad took his cock into his hand. Aiming it down towards my back he let loose a stream of warm, golden piss. It splashed teen models pretten and ran down my back into my ass crack."Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Alan nude model review groaned, as he slurped at this added treat."You thirsty too, son?"I nodded my head vigorously to which Dad aimed his pissing cock at my face. The warm stream hit my forehead and ran down my face to my outstreatched tongue. I savoured its rank taste and drew it into my mouth."Oh yeah!" Dad yelled. tiny lingerie models "Fucking hosing down the shit pigs with my manpiss!"Dad waved his pissing dick back and forth, aiming it at Alan's throbbing cock then trailing the strem up towards his chest, onto my cock then agncies 4 models up towards my chest and face then over my shoulder to allow his golden juice to find its way into my ass trench metart nude model and into Alan's greedy mouth."Piss on nude model jpeg us, Dad! Piss on your boys!""Open your mouth, Joel!"I opened my mouth wide as Dad took a step forward and nude models my mouth was instantly filled with the mushrom head of his cock and the juice spewing out of his piss slit, splashing against the back of my throat."Drink, fucker! Drink Dad's fucking piss!"I gulped as much as I could, swallowing hard. What my mouth couldn't contain spilled from my lips onto asain teen nonnudemodels my chest which I swirled over myself and Alan's chest."Fucking toilet mouths, the both of you!" Dad hollered. "Fucking piss drinking, shit eating fucks!"As Dad's piss flow ebbed to a trickle, just as Alan slurpped happily at my asshole, so too did I suck whatever juice I could from Dad's cock, working my tongue to probe his piss slit to gather every precious drop of his manpiss."Yeah, son! Tongue that piss hole! You like having a man's dick in your fuckng mouth?""Yes sir!" imageboard model girl I gasped, as Dad eased his cock from my mouth."How you acemodeling gallaries doing back there, ass pig?"Alan gently nudged my ass upwards and took in several deep breaths."Fuckin' great, Uncle Josh!" Alan sighed."Yeah? You like florida park model the taste of pteen model tube your shit on Joel's ass?""Yes!""Fucking shit pig aren't you, boy?""Yes sir!""What are you, boy?""I'm a petite teenagers models shit eating pig, Uncle Josh!""And what are you, Joel?""I'm a fucking raunchy boy, Dad!"Chapter 4We took a short break. Dad took the time to smoke a cigarette and sent me scurrying downstairs to get him another beer, teen video model and to mine and Alan's amazement, a beer for each of us too.As child model ru Alan and I drank our beers we pondered what the next course would be like. With Alan and I, sex was a matter of quickly getting down to business. boys models Taking care of the matter at hand and moving on to tiny angels modeling something else. Now, things seemed to move at a slower place, more drawn phat models out, adding to the pleasure and excitement. I gathered Dad was teaching us boys how to prolong pleasure thus deriving the most enjoyment from it."You boys doing okay?""Yes sir!" We answered."Good," Dad said, crouching down on all fours, revealing to Alan and I his puckered hole amidst a swirl of top models famous hair. "It's time for some manstink!"******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at
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